Have you been looking for an amazing tasting canned cocktail without all the sugar, calories, and other bullsh*t? So were we!

It all started during a sesh. Or a hang. Or whatever you want to call it when you get together with your favorite people over drinks. We realized ...we had problem.

It was the tradeoff that we were forced to make with our drinks. Carb-filled beer, sugary mixers, expensive cocktails, or fruity-but-flavorless seltzer all fell short.

One of our co-founders, Nate, was a college athlete and is a Type-1 diabetic, so he has always been hyper aware of sugar and carb content. Our other co-founder, Zeke, comes from a long line of spirits pioneers, which instilled in him respect and high standards for authentic flavors.

First and foremost, we wanted a drink that we’d actually enjoy with the people we actually enjoy. As with our choices in friends, we wanted it to have taste. So we combined the rich and genuine flavor profiles of cocktails with the low calorie, low carb, and low sugar format of a spiked seltzer to create SESH.

We have finally satisfied our unquenchable desire to have it all in a cocktail that we could enjoy all night without ruining the next day. We believe bold flavors worth drinking should bring people together, create meaningful experiences, and—most of all—not make any compromises. So here’s to the next thousand get-togethers. And to the better drinks that fuel them. Here’s to the next SESH!

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