It all started in a dorm room. As consumers, co-founders Zeke and Nate were frustrated with the lack of options beyond value beer at social events. Searching for beer alternatives, they realized consumers had been forced to make a tradeoff: robust and authentic flavor OR low calorie and low carbs. Nate, a former rugby player for Williams, has Type 1 diabetes, which made it hard for him to enjoy beer and other high sugar/carb drinks with friends. Zeke was nostalgic for the sips of whiskey and gin shared with his grandfathers and yearned for a more convenient and sessionable option with cocktail flavor profiles. Zeke and Nate were tired of having to choose between sugary, expensive RTDs and flavorless, fruity spiked seltzers, so they combined the rich and genuine flavor profiles of cocktails with the low calorie, low carb, and low sugar format of a spiked seltzer to create SESH: Cocktail Meets Seltzer®.

SESH sits at the intersection of the two fastest growing segments of the alcohol industry: RTD cocktails and FMB Seltzers. Consumers are no longer forced to choose between flavor and calories; SESH delivers flavor, low calories, and low sugar in a space where FMBs and Seltzers continue to gain share in both the beer and overall beverage alcohol markets.

As entrepreneurs, the drinks business is on our blood. From our deep legacy in the industry to the brand’s roots in a college dorm, SESH is inspired to deliver a more authentic product and aligns with consumer macro trends: health and wellness, premium, and purpose driven products. We aim to usher in a new wave of drinking culture as we officially launch in February 2021.

Cheers to you and your next SESH!

-Nate & Zeke